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Avast Cleanup is a highly effective cache and junk cleaner app for Android.
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October 20, 2020
Varies with device
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Hello everyone today we are going to take a look at the avast cleanup premium apk it is a relatively new app from last as a replacement for a crimefighter app and older last cleanup which can be in discontinued hours cleaner premium is a pc optimization tool that includes a range of instruments that can free up disk space and improve the performance of your system.

Top Features of Avast cleanup premium apk

So let’s take a closer look first of all few words about installation the process is very easy all you have to do is download the stop file and execute it then just click Next several times and that’s it of course we recommend to read the license agreement a great thing about this installation is that it doesn’t install any additional plot or apps or sign ups.

I have to mention one stretching so during the installation if you comment windows have popped up for some reason besides that everything went smooth after the installation you’re immediately greeted with a preposition to scan your PC scanning takes around two minutes of course it depends on the hardware of your system then you can see what exactly did about cleanup found and have a detailed look at the problems next press fix and clean but in order to actually fix the problem you have to register and select the price plan.

Download Avast cleanup premium apk unlimited version

Let’s do that Avast cleanup premium is available for free for 60 days after the registration you do however have to sign up for the trial period and to enter your personal information including your PayPal or credit card without it you can only use it to scan other pricing options are a one-year license for $49.99 and a two year license for $89.99 choose what fits you and your wallet now we are ready to start the cleaning the process of fixing issues is relatively fast.

Obviously it does depend on the amount of problems found by us cleanup and on the hardware of your PC why would this cleaning out system junk from my PC I have to mention that a lot cleaner premium comes both as a standalone tool and as a part of a vast antivirus so you can use a vast cleanup with an anti-virus from another company after the clinic is done how fast cleanup will ask you to turn on the automatic maintenance function.

Avast cleanup premium apk full version

This one could be a double-edged sword because it will automatically clean your PC whenever there is a noticeable amount of junk and clutter detected which is good however it will do a background scan once in a while which can slow down the PC performance when you don’t want to so the decision is up to you now when we are through our first scan and clean up we can see the main menu off set a last cleanup premium.

So here are the main features maintenance fixes up issues relating to broken registry items cleans up cookies browser cache temporary system files etc speed up it checks your running programs and services and highlights which of them slow down your pcs the most so you can shut them down free up space this one takes a better look at the data on your PC and can delete all unnecessary files not just temporary files but different log files setup files.

Avast cleanup premium app download

windows restore points and so on fix problems now to my favorite feature its kinds all vital programs on your PC and checks if they are up to date as you can see I need to update for apps and it will be a track to update them all manually using a last cleanup you can do it in a single click simple as that Avast cleanup premium also offers real-time notifications it will alarm you about issues with settings applications in disk space and gives you an option to fix the issues app allows users to Twiggs a notification settings including the activated notifications all together from all functions menu you can access every function separately by passing the initial scan to visualize the work

Latest version of Avast cleanup premium mod apk [Unlockted]

A premium you can use a statistics menu here you can see how many items were removed how much space was freed up and how many optimizations done so you can feel good about how much chunk you cleared out last but not least is the rescued Sentra you should rush here if you experience something not good after cleaning up or any other fix that was done by a last cleanup here you can simply undo those changes in a click this give you small courage to tune up your PC as a result our screen a premium can provide these benefits to your computer improved efficiency faster performance.

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How to install Avast cleanup premium apk?

Shorter boot time more free space removal of unnecessary applications optimized system registry longer battery life for laptops according to their website the application smaller engine has been tested in a number of environments it appears to be very effective in both finding and removing various factors contributing to system inefficiency during our test we did experience a noticeable boost in performance a lot of times.


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Final Words

It did free up almost 10 gigabytes also important note to mention is that the impact on PC resources is close to nothing overall it is a great tool to quickly get the system into a good shape after a reckless use such as installing questionable and software and visiting shading websites or just after a long period without maintenance thank you all for watching if you found this information useful please leave a like and comment.

What I was about to say was that I think that the Avast cleanup premium apk is really cool for you. it’s a little bit different  but a lot of the things are still the same. if you want me to test out other android apps and games, don’t forget to let me know in the comment box.

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