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Custom launchers are nowhere near as popular as they were in the earlier days of android but they still provide one of the quickest and easiest ways to customize your phone’s interface CMM launcher 2020 are pretty good these days but many android fans still go out of their way to customize their devices beyond recognition.

Top Features of CMM Launcher 2020 apk

So what are the best android launchers to try let’s start with it. which is still the best barnum it’s been a few years since nova launcher has been our go-to choice for a custom android launcher these days this still holds true but now even more so unlike other apps that have gradually degraded over time no way still going strong scoring new features and polishing existing ones to the point where it can safely serve as a model of excellence.

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Enough with the flattery what are the selling points of nova launcher the answer is simple customizability snappiness and great user experience from the get-go nova launcher has a somewhat bare-bones and retro aesthetic but this launcher could easily be transformed into whatever you like it’s an extremely powerful app.

That gets better the more time you invest in tweaking it up next up we have long chair as a tongue-in-cheek joke the second entry in our list is the  that closely mimics the appearance and overall functionality of the pixel launcher found on google’s pixel lineup unlike the default launcher found on google’s flagships.

CMM Launcher 2020 apk full version

Lawnchair is inherently more customizable though not overwhelmingly so you can change your icon pack manage the appearance of your home screen by selecting the icon scale and how many columns or rows it should have you can define gestures and tweak a ton of other options there’s a very customizable pixel widget onboard too and all of that is sprinkled with a nice amount of snappiness and performance that are on par with nova launcher or the regular pixel launcher.

Another recommendation we have is hyperion launcher another exception offering that gives you the aesthetic of the og pixel launcher without standing customizability the default settings are excellent but with little tweaking you can easily create your next favorite homescreen just like many other launchers this one also comes with full icon packs of work is always custom gestures and much more the free version of hyperion is absolutely enough for regular users .

CMM Launcher 2020 apk premium [Pro]

But gestures and deeper icon customizations require hyperion supreme next up we have microsoft’s own android launcher which has steadily established itself as one of the very best android launcher is available on the play store extremely customized the one feature rich almost to the point of being overflowing with options the usual customizable stuff like home screen layout and theme customizations are naturally also present here yet.

The two biggest selling points of the microsoft launcher are the cortana integration and the continuity feature microsoft’s ai can be summoned at the tap of a button and will allow you to conversate with your phone just like you do with the google system and signing in with your microsoft account also allows you to continue where you left off on your desktop computer continuity as its best last but definitely not least is chris lacey’s action launcher.

Latest version of CMM Launcher 2020 mod apk [Unlockted]

Which brings a clean android aesthetic to your device also all of the features the regular pixel launcher have been added as optional settings you also get the at a glance widget app shortcuts and adaptive icon pack support though some of these will cost you one time and a purchase snappy and intuitive action launcher is a great app that will be liked by customization.

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How to install CMM Launcher 2020 apk?

Savvy android fans know we should mention that it tends to run a tad slower than other launches in this very piece one of the defining features of this launcher is the quick themed feature which enables you to easily themed your interface to match with your wallpaper another neat functionality is shutters which enables you to launch an apps widget by simply flicking up on its icon.


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Final Words

The same applies to cover so you need take on folders when you tap on a cover you open the app itself but swiping up opens a customisable folder with other apps inside and this wraps up our selection of the best android launchers to try in 2020 which one is your favorite let us know in the comments.

What I was about to say was that I think that the CMM Launcher 2020 apk is really cool for you. it’s a little bit different  but a lot of the things are still the same. if you want me to test out other android apps and games, don’t forget to let me know in the comment box.

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