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An unknown Digimon calling itself Herissmon has appeared in your smartphone.
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Hey everyone and welcome to another game cast review. I’m mark and today I’ll be reviewing Digimon links mod now available for android and ios devices I’ll get the ball rolling by letting you all know that while I enjoyed pokemon it never really clicked with me the wait did you moaned it.

Top Features of digimon links mod apk

I loved that digimon could speak and travel alongside the main characters as actual companions plus when they evolved into their gigantic fire-breathing city destroying forms they could always revert back to their cute and cuddly selves.

I watched a lot of this show growing up so while the phone game brings back my favorite digimon it doesn’t really bring any of the heart digimon links is a freemium game as is the case with practically anything worth playing on smart devices links is filled with micro transactions from stamina refreshers to expeed boosting items and of course the game’s very own summoning currency digi stones.

Download digimon links mod apk unlimited version

It has all the bells and whistles we are familiar with just with a digimon skin thrown on top fortunately the game is pretty generous with its login bonuses and daily quests allowing you to rack up materials pretty efficiently the core of the game is a three-on-three turn-based rpg with simplified actions and controls each digimon has three commands one attack and two special skills.

One of which is unique to that digimon and will include a special animation to boot the battles themselves don’t require much strategy but there is something to be said for sucking up a pea the game’s equivalent to manner and then unleashing all your special moves for two full rounds the difficulty comes in a progression that enemy has gained more hp and deal more damage than actual changes in strategy this creates a cycle of leveling and evolving your digimon outside of battle at your farm so they can stand a chance.

Digimon links mod apk full version

If you hear is that it can be hard to grind out specific materials or even summon the right digimon for the job as the game can be quite savage in what it gives you it’s a very cycle driven game and it’s very upfront about this as you find yourself constantly needing better equippable chips or different elemental digimon to get the job done for someone.

Digimon links mod apk premium [Pro]

Who wants to get as far as they can in the game it can be frustrating but if you’re like me and just want to collect and evolve your favorites it’s a decent pastime as there are plenty of regular events to keep you occupied it also helps that when you don’t get the digimon you want there is usually a longer myth to acquiring them.

As each digimon has more than one evolution path allowing you to plan ahead a little graphically digimon lynx is quite strong representing a slightly downgraded version of the digimon story engine we’ve seen in cyber sleuth and its sequel all the digimon look and act like they should and the unique special moves is a really nice touch the evolution animation is a nice throwback to the anime and at times.

Latest version of digimon links mod apk [Unlockted]

The whole experience can be very nostalgic unfortunately it does have its fair share of problems like framerate drops and infrequent load issues or at least I encountered it on the samsung galaxy 5 the soundtrack doesn’t stand out all that much and it can be a bit grating and depending on how long your play session is there is fun to be had with this title it’s just best enjoyed in small bursts.

It’s not a console experience brought to phones it’s exactly what it looks like a simplified freemium digimon game that you can play when you’re bored and have nothing else to do it’s easy enough to get by without actually dropping any actual money on the game which is great but it does still take a little bit of grinding.

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How to install Digimon links mod apk?

If you want to make it 10 times summon to guarantee certain rarity digimon appearing at times it annoyed me for it’s frustrating randomization and at other times I loved it for the very same reason it’s hard to describe the love-hate relationship of rng.

But I guess that’s just how these sorts of games work as it is technically a free game that makes it a little hard to score so really if you like digimon then you might as well check it out but if you’ve only ever had a passing interest in the series then this isn’t a good starting point I hope you liked that video please don’t forget to like and subscribe and if you’d like to see more from me you can find me right here at game cast as part of the review team.


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Final Words

What I was about to say was that I think that the Digimon links mod apk is really cool for you. it’s a little bit different  but a lot of the things are still the same. if you want me to test out other android apps and games, don’t forget to let me know in the comment box.

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