Snapchat++ Has Arrived – How to Download Modded Snapchat++ (iOS/Android)

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Yeah what is going on everybody in this video am I going to show you all exactly how to download Modded Snapchat plus post onto your ios or android device for absolutely free no jailbreak required and also this will not get detected by snapchat either so you can use all the modded features without risking your account of any bans or anything like that.

Top Features of Modded snapchat apk

But I’m gonna go ahead and show you all exactly how snapchat plus plus works show you guys some of the features and then show you all exactly how to download on ios and android for absolutely free so it’s gonna get right into it guys we’re gonna go dan open up this bad boy this has been long awaited guys.

Download Modded snapchat apk unlimited version

But we finally got the new version of snapchat plus plus but right off the bat we got some cool features we got to verify if you tap that basically what that does is verify your snapchat account and you know you get all the verified features.

Modded snapchat apk full version

But let’s go to settings really quick and check out what others features they have so as you can see here one of the best features that is so underrated guys that they added is the username changer so check that out right there basically if you everyone knows that if you set up a snapchat account you cannot change your username and honestly this is one of the like worst things about snapchat.

So like let’s say you had an account out for like four years you made a long time ago and you want to switch the username well you can’t you’re stuck with that username that you made that cringey username that you made when you were like 14 years old you can no longer change it but luckily with snapchat plus plus you’re gonna be able to actually go ahead and change it and keep the same account.

Modded snapchat apk premium app download

Also we got the location spoof or fake snap sender screenshot bypass you can go ahead and actually you know screenshot stories without them knowing bunch other cool features guys but yeah that’s a little snippet of it but I’m gonna go to and show you all exactly how to download this snapchat plus plus onto your ios or android device guys so let’s get right into it.

First step though we just got to make sure that our device is ready for the download so the way we do this is pretty simple open up settings on your ios device and what you’re gonna want to do in settings guys is go ahead and scroll down and just look for the general section so that is right there once you’re in general you gonna want to go and scroll down until you find background app refresh.

Latest version of  Modded snapchat apk [Unlockted]

So as you guys can see I’m in it right now just go to make sure that you have this turned on to wi-fi and sell your data so as you guys can see I have it on perfect and once we’ve done this what we’re gonna want to do now is go ahead and scroll you know scroll back up to the search bar here and just going to type in battery and just go to make sure that.

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How to install Modded snapchat apk?

You have the low power mode it turned off of the duration of the video so that’s pretty much it for the ios settings if you’re on android let’s go ahead and jump right into it as well so if you’re an android open up the settings on your android device and you’re going to want to for the battery settings.

So as the guys could see batteries right there go ahead and open it up and once you’re better you’re just gonna go you’re just gonna want to make sure that you have the battery saver turned off guys so as you guys could see we have it off perfect and now we’re ready to go in and download snapchat plus plus for free.


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Final Words

What I was about to say was that I think that the Modded snapchat apk is really cool for you. it’s a little bit different  but a lot of the things are still the same. if you want me to test out other android apps and games, don’t forget to let me know in the comment box.

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